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New Features

  • Added sortable module window columns.


  • Updated to Dear Imgui 1.89.5
  • Show value in callstack even when the address is zero. This gets rid of "<unknown-type> <unknown-value>" entries in the callstack.
  • Increased maximum clipboard size to 1 MiB from 32 KiB to handle copying contents of module window from a UE target.
  • No longer automatically reload text file while in the middle of a debug session.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where unaltered YMM registers would show up as changed (colored red) in the watch window.
  • Fixed potential crash when populating variable information for the callstack
  • Fixed potential crash removing a watch expression programmatically due to a threading bug.
  • Fixed crash evaluating bitfields with long type names. Seen in Unreal Engine when evaluating a bitfield with type AActor::EActorBeginPlayState.
  • Fixed crash copying from the module window when a symbol name was not present for a module.
  • Fixed case where a step over operation would be prematurely terminated if a conditional breakpoint that evaluated to false was triggered before the step over operation completed.
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Not reloading the text file is a real pain when using dynamic recompilation (like Live++). Could we get an option to re-enable it please?