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* Added thread name to Thread window
* Huge amount of work went into polishing up breakpoints
* Now obtain the range of lines so we can draw a brace indicator in text window when toggling a
* Better handling of duplicate breakpoints
* Fixed a thread-safety issue when opening text windows from debug engine thread
* Added Ctrl+F9 to disable a breakpoint from text window
* Now draw an indicator for deferred breakpoints (question mark).
* Now properly resolve deferred breakpoints when a DLL is loaded.
* Restored UI render loop to run as intended. This eliminates a number of rendering artifacts that
were reported in the previous build.
* The RemedyBG window now takes focus whenever we hit a breakpoint or if the process becomes
* Added window and text indicators for exception (first chance and unhandled).
* Better error message when loading unsupported 32-bit executables.
* ESC now closes Breakpoint / Exception windows.
* Watch window show state now defaults to true
* Added Call Stack verbosity options: Minimal, Top Frame Detailed, and Detailed
* Reduced window padding and unnecessary menu bar in text windows
* Default working directory, if one is not specified, is now the EXE's directory.
* Upgrade to watch window input handling

The next big push will be for proper watch expressions.

Sorry I couldn't get to everything that was reported in

Thanks much all!

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Thanks George :)
Tucker Kolpin
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Hmm. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like the text file you have opened never reloads when changes are made. Is there a key bind to manually reload the file or something?

Tried on and on both my home and work computer but get the same results.
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TheMole: You're welcome!
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Toast Bomb,

This is a known bug that Simon reported. It will be fixed in the next release.