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RemedyBG is now available for download.

New Features

  • Implemented color highlighting for comments and keywords.


  • Set mouse cursor to arrow while hovering over a quick watch.
  • No longer halt execution when attaching to a process.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tab spacing and, in general, improved character positioning in text windows.
  • Fixed bug where all text windows were considered active when a quick watch was displayed. This fixes a reported problem where breakpoints would be added to all open text windows when F9 was hit while a quick watch was displayed.
  • Disabled the preservation of fold state for watch expressions across runs to address errant expansion of watch expressions in some cases.
  • Fixed reported bug where window focus could inadvertently change while dragging a scroll bar.
  • Fixed potential stuck key state when RemedyBG loses window focus.
Simon Anciaux
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Thanks, for the update.

On my side I don't see any color highlighting. Is there some setting to turn on ?

[EDIT] I didn't see the option sorry. It's in Window > Style > Colors > Enable comment/keyword highlighting