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Feature request: Use source from another path

Hello there !

I am still using this amazing debugger ! Thanks again for this gem.

However I had an issue:

  • I build my app on a PC alpha with source in a specific path
  • I copy the PDB, exe and source code on a flash drive
  • I want to debug it on a PC bravo (because it is a different OS - hardware it has different bugs). But when I select the source from the flash drive breakpoints don't work.

Would it be possible to have the same option as Visual Studio, namely using source files from a different path ?

Cheers, Scr3am

PS: I will try to recreate the path on the PC bravo, hopefully this will be a workaround. Also I could patch the PDB to change all paths. But having the option in the debugger would be a nice plus.

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Feature request: Use source from another path

Hi Scr3am.

Appreciate the kind words.

Being able to specify an alternate source file root is a necessary feature as you've found. This feature is on the roadmap though it hard for me to make any promises about when it will be available.

Thank you!