A bug fix release of RemedyBG has been posted to itch.io for download as


  • Ctrl+V now pastes into a watch expression before having to first edit that expression, as is expected. Adds some filtering of the text to make it easier copy and paste between rows of the watch window.
  • Adds support for the C++20 char8_t type.
  • Renamed "Name" -> "Display Name" in the session menu's user interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where the horizontal scroll bar was not getting sized properly for a text window after text was reloaded from disk.
  • Fixed a problem reported where the disassembly window was not getting refreshed upon an invalid instruction exception if symbols were unavailable.
  • Fixed crash when evaluating a conditional breakpoint in a module that was unloaded then later reloaded.
  • Fixed computation of ASAN shadow space base address when the target uses the clang_rt.asan* DLL.