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Break On Crash
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I noticed that remedy does not break when the debugged application crashes, which is quite a useful feature I lean on with VS. I feel like I'm missing something dumb and it probably does do this, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to work.

Is this something that's supported, and if so how do I make it do this?

RemedyBG version

Simon Anciaux
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Break On Crash

If you're speaking of launching the debugger when any application crashes you need to set a registry key. More information on this microsoft documentation page Enabling Postmortem Debugging

There is a section in the readme called "JIT debugging" with the specifics of RemedyBG.

If you're launching an application from RemedyBG and it doesn't break when the application crashes, you'd better fill an issue on github or contact George (contact info in the ReadME).

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Break On Crash

Yea I mean specifically an application launched inside RemedyBG, it does not break when said application crashes.

I will just check any open issues and see about getting one in.

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Break On Crash
Replying to davidc (#29238)

For future reference, davidc was kind enough to send a repro for this. The problem is that remedybg is incorrectly attributing an access violation to address sanitizer when, instead, it should be halting.