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GCC Compatibility

Are there any plans to allow RemedyBG to work with the symbol files that GCC generates? I'm aware that it's compatible with clang and msvc, but I would like to continue to use the compiler that I'm comfortable with rather than changing over a single debugger. Thank you for any information.

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GCC Compatibility

You can try using Mingw-w64 GCC with cv2pdb to convert the DWARF to a PDB.

gcc -g -o example.exe main.c
cv2pdb example.exe
remedybg example.exe

You can get cv2pdb here:

Additional details and links from a (closed) issue here:

There may be some rough edges with the suggested tools as well as RemedyBG. Happy to take a look if you bump into any problems.

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GCC Compatibility
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Managed to get it working using those instructions. Thanks for the help. Funnily enough, it only works if you launch remedybg through the command line like you suggested - if you start up remedybg seperately then add the command and working directory later, it doesn't work at all - though you still see the disassembly of course.

Edit: Only problem I can see is that the watch doesn't properly see some variables, even when adding the {*} before it, and checking the whole call stack. Dunno why this is.