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GUI problems

Hi, I'm using Windows 10 and RemedyBG On my laptop (Lenovo X1) when I click on "Session" in the top menu, that sub-menu opens and immediately closes. On the desktop PC there is no such problem. With the laptop the problem exists with "touch-click" (tapping the touch oaed) and also with the real left-mouse-button above the touch pad. A few times it may work, most of the times the menu doesn't work. But I don't really need this to be fixed, I can use the keyboard.

Another second problem, which happens on notebook and desktop PC: When being in "Watch 1" and clicking right mouse button to get into the context menu, from then on then the cursor keys will be sent to both the context menu and the Watch 1 thing behind. So, when I use the cursor keys (cursor down) to choose "hexadecimal display" e.g. then the selection in the Watch 1 will go to the next item in the Watch 1 list. It makes cursor keys unusable in this situation.

Thank you! :)

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GUI problems

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm unable to reproduce the first problem with sub-menu opening and then immediately closing. I've made a note and will keep an eye out for this, though.

The second problem, where the selection can be changed in both the menu and the underlying window, will be addressed in an upcoming release.