remedybg version:

I am using the commands add-breakpoint-at-file and start-debugging in a vimscript function to debug a sourcefile at a given line. However, I found that if I don't use a sleep between the two commands remedy does not set the breakpoint. Its definitely not an issue for me. But I thought I'll just post in case someone else is also trying to make this kind of function and failing.

In case you want to look at the vimscript function to reproduce this:

function! DebugAtCurrentLine()
  let filepath = substitute(expand('%:p'), "\\", "\\\\", "g")
  let lineno = line(".")
  let command = 'T C:\Users\gauta\Codes\remedybg.exe add-breakpoint-at-file ' . filepath . ' ' . lineno
  echo command
  execute command
  sleep 100m
  execute 'T C:\Users\gauta\Codes\remedybg.exe start-debugging'