New Features

  • Added the ",disasm" format specifier for disassembling instructions given an address and number of bytes to disassemble.
  • Added RDBG_DEBUG_EVENT_KIND_SOURCE_LOCATION_CHANGED named pipe event. This is triggered whenever the source location is changed in RemedyBG: via command-line, the named pipe, breakpoint selected, current frame changed, active thread changed, breakpoint hit, exception hit, step in/out/over, or a debug break.


  • Added RDBG_COMMAND_GET_BREAKPOINT to retrieve information about a breakpoint given its ID. Previously, one would have to use RDBG_COMMAND_GET_BREAKPOINTS and walk the list of breakpoints.
  • Added common controls manifest for 21st century native dialog boxes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential crash handling PDBs with large page sizes.
  • Driver command RDBG_COMMAND_ADD_WATCH now returns 4, rather than 2, bytes as was documented.
  • Removed inadvertent 'enable' in RDBG_DEBUG_EVENT_KIND_BREAKPOINT_MODIFIED documentation.
  • Fixed a case where detaching from a running process could fail.
  • Fixed unintentional display of the byte order mark in text window.