Follow up release is now available for download.


  • Adds support for binary constants in expression parser (e.g., "0b10010001")
  • Now render binary values with leading "0b" so they can be copied directly into a new watch expression.
  • Now allow optional digit separators (', _, or `) for constants in watch window expressions (e.g., "0b1111_1010" or "0xABCD'1234").
  • Matrix formatter now allows arbitrary dimensions (e.g., ",mtx3x5").
  • Adds "Name" to a session configuration. This name is now displayed in the title bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where maximized window weren't being restored at startup.
  • Fixed crash on startup when running on Windows 7.
  • Fixed regression in waking the msg loop when receiving a Windows message from a second RemedyBG instance.
  • Fixed problems constructing subexpressions for "Add Watch", including the case where an expression is dereferenced and requires parenthesis to properly access fields.
  • Fixed a problem when the ",hr" formatter is used on a character array.