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Latest release,, is available for download from

New features
* Added an optional toolbar for debug control. This can be toggled in Window > Style > Show Toolbar
* Local and global implicit thread local storage variables can now be watched.
* Adds support for AddressSanitizer. Access violations that attempt to read/write into AddressSanitizer's address space (e.g., used to expand virtual address space) are now skipped (i.e., allowed to be handled without halting execution). There is no UI required as this is detected and handled automatically by RemedyBG.
* Added "Reevaluate Automatically" option to memory window to allow reevaluating and updating the address in a memory window.

* Allow making forward progress on first-chance, continuable exceptions
* Properly unwind stack in the case that a null function pointer is called.
* Bake in information about stdint types (uint8_t, etc.) as a temporary workaround until typedef
information is properly supported.
* UI will now be automatically scaled based on the DPI of the monitor.

Bug fixes
* Fix to properly render unprintable escape characters (e.g., '\n') in watch
* Fixed evaluation of variables cast to structures in certain cases
* Fixed output of process ID in the output window.
* Selection of rows in breakpoints pane using mouse has been fixed
* Fixed ambiguity of format expression when variable name matches one of the format specifiers.
* Fixed Edit Breakpoint, Add Watch, and Set Next context-menu handling in the disassembly window.
* Copying a multiline string value (eg., "var, str") will now be copied to the clipboard as

Simon Anciaux
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Great release, thank you. I've asked about high DPI on discord not too long ago and glad to see in this (next) release :)
Leonid Kapitonov
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Just bought it; thank you, great work!