Latest version of RemedyBG is now available for download. Thanks for all the suggestions.

New features
* Adds column major option to watch windows (context menu toggle)
* Adds an "Add Watch" context menu item for text windows
* Allow writing member access operator as '.' instead of '->' even for pointer types.
* Adds optional Comment column in watch window to allow entering arbitrary text (single line at the

* We now save hexadecimal setting for watch windows to settings file
* Allow repeatedly using Run to Cursor on the same line
* UI tweaks: reduced size of arrow column in tables, removed unnecessary window padding around
tables, removes rounding from selection rect in text window
* Adds numpad keys to list of keys that initiate watch editing
* Better formatting of array elements (removes redundant expression, align index)
* We now do automatic type conversion when modifying values in watch.

Bug fixes
* Prevent potential crash when muting the only active thread.
* Fix so that clicking scrollbar in table does not try to select row in table.
* Fixes bug updating current breakpoint when another breakpoint is deleted
* Fixed potential crash from non-escaped characters in structure summary.
* Fix to ensure window is updated/redrawn in response to a OutputDebugString debug event
* Removed hack that disabled modifier keys for a short period of time. This fixes problems with
repeat-rate and eaten keys on certain keyboard layouts.
* Fixed bug where size of ",str" format specifier would get ignored