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Little Usability issues
4 months ago Edited by desiredusername on Dec. 18, 2020, 4:06 p.m.
Hi there! :) I'd like to make a few suggestions to increase the usability of RemedyBG a little bit.

1) A keyboard short-cut for "Open EXE" would be helpful, maybe Ctrl-E.
Even though switching EXEs with Ctrl+Shift+[n] is a thing. Since I wanted to keep on creating new executables for testing something, opening them without mouse/Alt would be nice.

2) Getting the keyboard focus out of other windows, back "to global" / "to the top menu", so that pressing the Alt key opens the "Session" menu item, is kind of hard. I can't remember what keys I need to press to get, although I know the cursor keys are enough, I believe. If pressing Esc would ultimately bring me back to the global focus, that would help.

3) In the Memory Window, there are two rectangular cursors. The first one shows the address that was entered.
The second one starts from there and you can use the keyboard or mouse to move around. For this one it would be helpful to know the address.
Maybe, on the same line as "Address:" but aligned to the right side, there could be another 0x1122334455667788 which is always updated to the moved cursor.

4) Although it works using the Watch-window, it would have helped me if you could copy the value of a CPU register from the Registers-window into the clipboard, as 0x1122334455667788 with the 0x prefix.
If RemedyBG added the 0x prefix also when you copy a RIP value from the Disassembly window, this would also help. In both cases you could then just paste the hex number into the Memory-window without adding the 0x yourself.

Kind regards