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OurMachinery - Can't debug
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PC - Windows 10.
I can't debug an exe created with the OurMachinery software (
It just uses CL.exe to compile as a C program from what I can tell.
The .pdb file is in the same folder as the .exe.
Can't hit breakpoints or anything.
Any ideas?

PS I can use RemedyBG to debug my own C++ programs compiled with CL.exe.
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OurMachinery - Can't debug
What version of RemedyBG are you using?
What version of CL.exe are you using?
What options are you passing to CL.exe to built the EXE? Is this a Visual Studio project? If so, make sure you use /DEBUG:FULL as /DEBUG now defaults to "fastlink" which Remedy does not support.
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OurMachinery - Can't debug
RemedyBG Version
CL.exe version 19.28.29334 for x64

I'm not sure about the options because CL.exe is called via a program in TheMachinery (tmbuild.exe).

But from looking at a log, it appears to be using /DEBUG:FASTLINK

I've asked the folks at TheMachinery, but I have no way to change that at present, so I guess I'm stuck with the VS debugger until they add an option for user controlled compiler options.
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OurMachinery - Can't debug
Actually there was a way to change it to /DEBUG:FULL so RemedyBG is working for me now, and this is resolved.