Another bug fix release to RemedyBG is available for download. Of note are fixes made to support newer, undocumented type kinds that Visual Studio so graciously added to 16.8.1 and later.

* Implemented new PDB type kinds introduced in VS 16.8.1's compiler
* Fixed handling of S_CONSTANT symbols. The type of the value does not necessarily correspond to
the type of the symbol. Also, fixed so that constants that refer to enums now show the expected
enum type.
* Added missing support for binary formatting of character types and bitfields.
* Removed inadvertent double display of bitfield values in the watch window.
* Added hexadecimal mods of vector register formatters. For example, you can now specify epu8x,
epu16x, epu32x, or epu64x ( similiarly epu8X, epu16X, epu32X, or epu64X) to display values in
hexadecimal, rather than decimal.
* Fixed evaluation of expressions that index into cast pointers (e.g., "((char*)ptr)[0]).
* Write out enabled state of breakpoints to RDBG file.
* Application and Parameters in Session menu is now initially expanded.
* Removed "__params" / "__locals" when adding an expression via the "Add Watch" context menu item.
* Fixed a problem where single-step continues to step by instruction rather than line after the
disassembly window is closed.