Bug fix release is now available for download.

* Fixed crash in handling of cast vs. expression disambiguation.
* Removes overload of Ctrl+Shift+F10 hotkey (was used for both step-by-instruction and for
run-to-cursor). Now Ctrl+Shift+F10 is only mapped to "Set Next Statement". Single stepping by
instruction can still be done by focusing on the disassembly window and using F10/F11.
* Fixed crash in handling of empty working directory.
* Fixed potential crash on CPUs with larger than expected thread contexts.
* Fixed extra watch/memory windows interaction with layouts.
* Fixed crash reading a session file containing processor breakpoint.
* Fixed issues with jumping to a source location.
* Make sure condition is set on a BP, even if it is deferred.
* Removes default font from texture atlas unless it necessary.
* Changes horizontal oversample for fonts to 2x (from 3x).
* Fixes interactions between editing of name / value expressions in watch.
* An expression with an add/sub operation on a void pointer will now produce error.

I appreciate everyone's help with tracking these down.