The latest version of RemedyBG is now available on for download.

New features
* Support namespaces in expressions
* Fast configuration switching: multiple configurations (command, params, working directory, environment) can now be created per session
* Added ability to freeze / solo individual threads.
* Added Ctrl+W hotkey for closing window.
* Added "Goto Address" Ctrl+G for disassembly window.
* Implemented symbolic formatting of disassembly
* Can now modify memory in both memory and watch windows
* Now allow vector format specifiers on any type that is 32, 64, or 128 bytes.
* Adds J/K navigation keys in text/disassembly window.
* Multiple watch windows (7 additional windows)
* Multiple memory windows (3 additional windows)
* Added support for constant values stored in PDB file
* Added binary format specifier (",b")

Bug fixes / improvements
* Number of internal improvments
* Fixed display of EFLAGS bits. (Did not take into account that IOPL was two bits and that there are gaps in the bit assignments).
* Better error handling for DirectX buffer resizing
* Fixed proper picking of type when in PDB multiple times (uses fixup table in PDB)
* Fixes color value for '.' in ascii display when "Grey out zeroes" set.
* Fixes text selection in lines containing tabs.
* Opens an image file directly to obtain PE header info if not given to us in CreateProcessInfo evt.
* Fixed potential crash if string view specified negative size
* Fixed escaping of format specifiers in an OutputDebugString.
* Fixed handling of variable length arrays in C99 / Clang.
* Adds description of HRESULT along with the value in the watch window
* Reverts change that removes close button from tabs.
* Fixes handling float types containing a modifier (e.g., const float).
* Improvements to light-mode color selection
* Line numbers now use text foreground color instead of hard-coding a value.
* Improved visibility of breakpoints and arrows in text windows
* Color for watch-value-changed is now dependent on light/dark mode
* Address highlight color is now dependent on light/dark mode
* Redesigned Session menu to eliminate hard-coded sizes
* Aligns arguments of instructions in disassembly window.
* Allow Run to Cursor even if the application is not running.
* Updated to latest version of Intel XED
* Fixed Page Up/Down not saving off / terminating current edit in watch window.
* We now obtain the full path name of RDBG in session file. This fixes the problem where the session file opened is not an absolute path.
* Convienience to automatically append ".exe" extension to given filename when running from command line.
* Array elements now show index, address, and offset from base of array
* Mouse cursor over scrollbar is an arrow cursor
* Breakpoints have a small animation when they are hit to make it easier to see when a breakpoint is hit a second time.
* Removed additional newlines when copying text from text / disassembly window

Appreciate all the feedback from the Handmade Community! You guys rock!