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Switching between windows more efficiently
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First of all, thank you so much for Remedy!
I have not been programming c++ for long, so I can't say
that I was burn by years of visual studio drudgery, but even so,
I really appreciate working with a simple, no-nonsense program.
It's very refreshing!

I realize that this may not rank high on the list of features to implement,
but would it be possible to have a keyboard shortcut for quickly switching
between a file buffer and the watch window? I know there is ctrl+tab already,
but it's not really helpful to quickly switch between windows without the mouse.
Short of a dedicated keybinding, maybe ordering the windows listed by the
popup from most to least recently accessed, or enabling jumping to file "foo.cpp"
by typing "f" would help?...


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Switching between windows more efficiently
Hello Bastien.

There were some brief chats on the Handmade Discord on this topic. Definitely in agreement that the keyboard interface needs a bunch of work. Can't promise a specific date but know that it is in the pipeline!

2 posts
Switching between windows more efficiently
That's great news, thank you.
Looking forward to the next releases! :)