RemedyBG has been made available for download at Lots of new features including conditional breakpoints, inline memory displays, vector register formatters, find-in-file, and more.

New Features
  • Added support for parsing character literals, including multi-character literals such is 'IHDR'
    in the watch window.
  • Better Unicode support (filenames, command lines, string preview, and so forth)
  • All non-session specific settings now live in a single file
  • Combined processor breakpoints other breakpoint types (rather than having two separate tabs).
  • Added conditional breakpoints for all breakpoint types.
  • Implemented find in file (Ctrl+F) in text window. F3/Shift-F3 will repeat the search.
  • Added "Open Last Session on Startup" option.
  • A Dark/Light style picker was added to the Style menu.
  • Added "Reset to Default" for font options.
  • Session can now specify environment variables
  • Added "Close All But This" to a text window tab's context menu.
  • Can now use 'sizeof' in watch expression. Presently implements C99 standard: "sizeof(typename)"
    and "sizeof expression". Parenthesis imply a typename lookup.
  • Adds formatters for vector registers
  • Adds formatters for inline watch window memory display of various sorts
  • Hexadecimal override in watch window (right-click "Hexadecimal Display" to toggle).

Bug Fixes
  • Prevent number of columns in memory window from being zero
  • Fixed error message in evaluation if dot/arrow operator does not apply to a particular
  • Improved handling of unary/binary operator evaluations
  • Fixed restoration of window if RemedyBG is closed while the window is minimized
  • Fixed bugs in handling of step-over interplay with processor breakpoints
  • Fixed potential crash if a frame doesn't have an associated symbols
  • Ctrl+G now works from any window (previously, focus had to be in a text window)
  • Sped up loading of PDBs when searching for the PDB in the executable's directory.
  • Eliminated jumping / no-scrolling bug in watch window when using keyboard.
  • Treat relative-to-register value in PDB as signed rather than unsigned.
  • Fixed typo in "type name" for the __params synthetic variable.
  • Text tabs are now sized more reasonably and now come with a scroll bar.
  • 'x' and 'X' format specifiers now apply to char/unsigned char
  • Disassembly window is now focused if source file cannot be found
  • Completed rework of line number information; fixes a number of problems with setting breakpoints
    in source.
  • Corrected Next/Prev scroll in disassembly window
  • Gutter in text window is now handled separately, with respect to the view. Now, breakpoints,
    current line indicators, and so forth are drawn at a fixed position in the text window.
  • Use Shift+F6 rather than F6 to bring up Attach dialog (too easy to hit unintentionally)