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Latest release of RemedyBG,, is now available.

Bug fixes
* Fix to allow line number information in the symbol file to be in an arbitrary order. This fixes the problem reported for PDBs output from the Zig compiler.
 * Fixed a watch window crash that happened when a watch expression is deleted while in the middle of the watch expression render loop.
 * Auto-scroll the output window only if the scroll position is at the end.
 * The string view now spans the entire width of the watch window.
 * Fixed parser for format specifiers to allow both hexadecimal format specifiers along with an  expression to control number of array elements, e.g., "some_array, x 5".

New features
* Added __locals synthetic structure. This identifier can be used to display the local variables in  the current (or specified) frame.
 * Added __params synthetic structure. This identifier can be used to display a function's parameters in the current (or specified) frame.
 * Added a "Send to Memory Window" option in the watch window to allow quickly copying an expression from the watch window to the memory window. 
* Added 'attach-to-process-by-id' to command-line driver commands.

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Awesome. I think I'm going to purchase your product given how consistent you are in updating it and responsive you've been on this forum. It also seems pretty stable at this point from Casey's steams. Thank you for your efforts on this.
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