RemedyBG is now available at

New Features
* Added implementation of processor, or data, breakpoints. These are available in the Breakpoints window under the "Processor" tab. Up to four processor breakpoints can be be added -- the maximum number available on the x64 architecture. Processor breakpoints can be setup to to trigger when memory, at a given address, is written to or read from.
* Added "Clear" menu item to Session>Recent list.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an edge case where strings in the global string table of a PDB could be multiply defined.
This can happen when building with Clang and then with VS. VS appends to the string table in the
PDB rather than rewriting / removing duplicate entries.
* Fixed bug where F10/F11 would not break at the entry point of a target if there was an existing
breakpoint at the entry point.
* Fixed 64-bit bitfields
* Fixed lookup of scoped variable in the case that the instruction pointer is on the last
instruction of a block and that instruction is a non-user breakpoint.
* If a session file fails to open from the recent file list the user is given an opportunity to
remove it from the list.
* We now display the address of an array in the watch window.