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The next installment of RemedyBG,, is now available for download.

* Fixed crash in call stack update in certain layouts of PDB frame procedure
* Eliminated the use of the global string table's hash table that is baked into the PDB file. We
use our own hash table now, instead. This was done, in part, to address a bug reported where the
yellow cursor wasn't showing up in the text window when using a PDB generated by Visual Studio 2019
(the same is true of Clang).
* Reverts restriction to string preview of only printable, ASCII characters.
* Fixed a bug where closing an unnamed session would not prompt the user for a rdbg filename.
* Added "Auto Save" option to the Session menu. When enabled, any changes to the session are
automatically saved without prompting the user.
* Fixed handling of structure fields in watch when the structure contains a virtual function table,
nested type, static field, enumeration, or any methods.
* Fixed threading issue when rendering output window that could cause a crash.
* Added "Copy to Clipboard" option in context menu of Output window.
* Added a new context menu item in the Watch window, named "Add Watch", that can be used to quickly
add a member as a new watch item.

I really appreciate the continued support from folks providing feedback, feature suggestions, detailed bug reports, and so on. The debugger would not be where it is today without this. Thank you.

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Thank you again for your work on this! I'm really excited that the debugger slowly is becoming more and more roboust!
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Hi George,

This update completely fixed the issue!
Thank you again very much for putting so much work into this awesome debugger :)