The next set of bug fixes and enhancements to RemedyBG is now available for download. Following is the change log for the release:

* Run to cursor now works on a line containing an existing breakpoint
* Added an option to toggle code bytes in the disassembly window
* We now show the symbolic name for known values such as FLT_MAX, UINT_MAX, SHRT_MAX, and so forth.
* Can now show hexadecimal representation of floating point values using the ",x" or ",X" format
* We now properly handle the lookup of variables in a block containing a function call on the
block's last line. The lookup was adjusted to account for the RIP of the previous stack frame
pointing to the instruction following the call and not the call itself.
* Added Session|New to clear everything for starting a new debug session.
* We now automatically resolve and store the full path to an EXE when launching RemedyBG on the
command-line with a relative path to an EXE.
* Window title now shows EXE name, if available, when now RDBG is specified.
* Fixed potential crash where PDB reports nonzero number of parameters to a function and none of
them are relative to RSP.

Thanks for your continued support folks. I really appreciate it.