FYI, I posted another bug-fix release of RemedyBG today.

* Memory edit prev/next buttons now grayed out if there is no target
* Output window now display process ID upon detaching
* Fixed a crash caused by trying to update memory window after target had been detached
* We now properly unset the processor's trap flag when detaching from a process while stopped on a
* We now add any existing breakpoints and watches upon attaching to a target
* If the target was attached then "Stop Debugging" will now detach rather than terminate. Added a
Terminate menu item to allow explicitly terminating an attached process. We indicate whether the
process will be detached or terminated in the "Stop Debugging" menu items.
* Fixed a bug where memory window edit control would not release focus when Ctrl+B (add function
breakpoint) was pressed.
* Fixed hang when analyzing disassembly in the case that the last remaining bytes of the binary are
invalid instructions.
* Fixed crash in callstack generation when parameters are stored relative to RBP rather than RSP.

Thanks much!