RemedyBG is now available for download on

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bug matching line information with symbols in certain cases.
* Fixes to properly handle AltGr in various hotkeys.
* Removed useless tooltips for panels (e.g., the tooltip for "Breakpoints" was "Breakpoints").
* Call stack verbosity / register category state are now persisted.
* No longer render continuously if RemedyBG does not have an active window.
* The PDBs generated by Clang preserve the case of filenames (unlike Visual Studio). This has now
been accounted for.
* Fixed bug in automatic switching to main thread when control-break is used.
* Now remove existing breakpoints when opening a new session.
* Disassembly window no longer takes focus upon appearing.

New Features

* Added an option for tab spacing in Style menu.
* Expressions can now be used in the memory window.