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Should there be a discord or something similar?
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The reason for one is that it helps to ask questions conversationally in real-time. A forum can't really provide that. It also helps build a community where people can hang out and meet new people.

If it's a thing you didn't want to moderate, I would volunteer to help out.
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Should there be a discord or something similar?
It would be nice. I didn't really think about it until now but these classic message boards and forums are somewhat archaic in 2020 :P
Abner Coimbre
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Should there be a discord or something similar?
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Isn't there a Discord invite available on the front page? The staff is available to moderate, and multiple projects have their own channels. Not super sure about RemedyBG, but I'm assuming the author hangs out there.

As far as the forums thing, there's tremendous value in a forums board that closed real-time systems can't offer. Long-form asynchronous discussions -- where you chew on a topic and reply at your own pace -- isn't encouraged in a chatroom. Then there's the side-effect of future users searching the forums, whether or not they're a part of the community. It's been like a Handmade Stack Overflow for many people.

The real solution, according to Ben Visness and the rest of the team is to bridge Discord and the forums (see the new community showcase on the front page.)

Eventually, multiple sources (Twitter, IRC, etc.) might also be bridged? Sounds awesome.
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Should there be a discord or something similar?
+1 to everything Abner said, and to add, there is indeed a #remedybg channel on the Handmade Network Discord server! You can go there and ask x13pixels questions.