RemedyBG can now be downloaded on and contains the following bug fixes / enhancements:

* Added basic selection of text windows foreground and background color. These can be set in the
Windows > Style menu (previously Windows > Fonts)
* File open dialog's initial directory now matches current file's directory rather than using the
system's directory
* Tool tips for text window tabs now show the entire path
* Added right-click context menu for text window tabs for copying the path to the clipboard
* Fixed computation of selection rectangle in text window
* Watch child nodes now use a stable indexing scheme. This fixes a bug where expanding one node
could affect the expanded state of another node.
* Now display a warning at the top of a text window if the file does not match the checksum stored
in a symbol file.
* Added stop debugging / restart menu items to the Control menu (repeated menu items already found
under the Session menu).
* We now properly preserve the show state of registers, memory, and disassembly windows across
* Memory window prev/next buttons now snap to top/bottom of window. This makes it easier to view
memory that that straddles a page boundary.