A lot of work this round went into beefing up the expression parser and evaluation for the watch window. Other things that got fixed or improved include:

* More robust handling of step-over and step-out in recursive functions.
* Better handling when opening files in a session that no longer exist.
* Run to cursor would sometimes run to the next line when using right-click menu. This has been
* Run to cursor popup no longer affects the text window selection color.
* Status text is now displayed on the same line as the menu.
* Fixed indentation amount in the watch window for pointer to structures.
* Names for pointer to pointer values now display a dereferenced expression rather than the empty
* Watch window is now disabled while the target is executing.
* Fixed potential crash when editing bitfield expression in watch.
* Now properly invalidate the thread context when stepping.
* Fixed parameter resolution for types larger than 8 bytes
* Adds message to Output window in the case that a file cannot be opened.

A lot of work still left to be done but we inch ever closer...