I've posted another minor release to itch.io with the following changes:

* Fixed bug where newly opened text window wouldn't scroll the appropriate line
* Current frame indicator now updated properly whenever target's state changes
* No longer automatically jump to a function breakpoint
* Size of function breakpoint modal window is now based on size of overall window (was too small on
some high DPI monitors
* Fixed a bug when trying to add a transient breakpoint to the same line twice (e.g.,
* Removed unused space at top of disassembly window
* Changing frame or current thread now require double-click, rather than single-click
* Added detailed information on why the target is executing or suspended
* Fixed bug in watch window where multiple rows of a structure could be highlighted simultaneously
* Removed insta-watch tooltips until the feature is more solid
* Removed various buttons that were taking up room and replaced them with right-click context menu,
* Shift+Enter now works like F2 in the watch window